Working it out

I’m not going to New Zealand in February. Other issues have arisen, and I won’t be able to accept a place even if one opens up. I was all packed, too, like a kid anticipating summer camp. But other exciting mountainous options decorate the horizon, and despite the recent dents and dings, I’m working to make sure all physical systems will be go.

I can breathlessly reveal that I’m finally back up to 4-mile run/staggers, and tomorrow I also restart the profoundly boring but unarguably effective Total Gym workout every other day after morning pedestrianism. This will keep my back tuned up, my wretched shoulders as loose as they’ll ever get, and will help me toward the ever-receding goal of quads of steel and nice loose hammies rather than the reverse. I also keep one of these little deals in the kitchen and gently stretch these treacherous achilles tendons in random moments while filleting rutabagas. It’s remarkably helpful remarkably quickly.

I just wish there was a ProStretch for the aging brain. Twang.


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