Winter running

So glad warmer weather is in sight…though the switch to Daylight Savings Time has turned the early mornings dark again.
A few weeks ago on line, I came across a set of encouraging Nike winter-running posters that recent New England weather has made non-obsolete.
  • “REFUSE TO HYBERNATE.” Excellent advice for all us, runners or not.
  • “IT’S ONLY COLD IF YOU’RE STANDING STILL.” Often true. Though sometimes there is this thing called “wind.”
  • “THE COLD CLEARS YOUR HEAD.” You do often feel especially fresh when you’re done, especially if you can still feel your ears.
Of course it’s Nike’s job to encourage cold-weather training. But I’m 70 years old and not an idiot. Usually. So I’ve developed a couple of somewhat more sober reminders of my own:
  • “DON’T RUN WHEN YOU’RE LIKELY TO TRIP OVER SOMETHING.” This boils down to “no more running in the dark.” And…
  • “DON’T RUN WHEN THE SNOW IS LIKELY COVERING ICE.” Which is basically, “I can’t perform that dance step anymore.”
I do have to balance these against my ultimate imperative:

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