Between the titanic struggles of a first haircut and a last-minute trimming of the toenails, we spent a wonderful few days with sweet B, her mama and dada, and—of course— Jasper the Wonderdog.

We had a well-bundled walk, some de-bundled baths, a few well-shared breakfasts, a number of 3-2-1-blast-offs in a big plastic box, lots (and lots) of Legos (“Dedos” to B) and reading and music.

B has recently become a massive fan of Sesame Street’s Big Bird, primarily, I think, through reading this book or something like it with H.

We still have an ancient Big Bird bath towel we used to wrap her mother up in, and after each evening’s bath, I’d hold it up so she could see BB full length, good every time for a big, happy grin. Then lift, wrap, dry, and snuggle. Not a bad way to end the day.

Although her vocabulary is exploding, B uses a sign for Big Bird. It’s a version of the ASL sign for “bird”: a pinching motion with forefinger and thumb to simulate a beak. We saw a lot of it over the long weekend, because some not-to-be-named person introduced her to the Sesame Street videos available on line, and played this one for her:

From then on, it was pretty much all kiddie mariachi all the time.

As B quickly learned to shout, “Viva!”


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