Up, up, and away

Heading transatlantic tonight, sans computer, so—for both of you regular readers—posts will be hit or miss. I’m aware Blogger for some reason no longer approves of the photo that used to grace the right hand side of this page. I’ll replace it when I get back from being educated at Oxford. (Tweed jacket, long scarf, horn rims, effete yet supercilious look….)

Sweet B had her one-year checkup yesterday. She is perfectly healthy, and was by all accounts charming with the doctor until the needles came out. H said there were four nurses, each with a syringe, and simultaneous jabs in B’s chubby little thighs. Ouch.

She recovered her good humor quickly, though, and, despite what it may look like here…

there seem to have been no aches and pains or fever. She was quite jolly during this iChat last night.

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