Trouble with Blogger…

…It won’t break text where I want it to. I can’t control much in life, but I’m determined to control my own grafs.

Back when fixed.


Trouble with Blogger… — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Mark

    I find it a nightmare as soon as I introduce a picture into the post: Paragraphs then do what ever they want to, (the gaps between them generally disappear), and bizarrely, occassionaly fonts change!

    Introducing more than one picture into the same post just magnifies the problems!

    No idea why, but I just live with it. If I were to aske why, I am sure that Blogger will just bury me in techie speak rubbish!

  2. Alan, I think it had to do with both the photos and my bad judgment in accepting the “Blogger in draft” default. I’m the wrong guy to fiddle with beta-level software.

    Really like your new design.


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