Take your marks…

2014-11-13-23-50-17.pdf000The cleanup continues and the hits just keep on coming. It’s the early ‘70s, and this has to be the final event—the 880 relay—of a dual meet, because there are only two runners. That’s me with the gun (those shoes are Lydiards, pretty good for the era). I hope the observer was cheering, not yawning. The runner in the outside lane is the extraordinary Vin Kobylenski, at the time the best sprinter and longest jumper in the league. In 1972, he injured his right leg—his jumping leg—and won the league championship using his left.


The shot below—I’m the supercool dude in the gray tee and shades, with my hand on my knee—is probably from the same meet. I loved coaching, and—in my memory at least—I wasn’t too bad at it.


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