Semi-naked shuffling

A little run this morning, and despite a bit of rain and some wind, it was warm enough (about 40°F/4°C) to strip down to these cheery items. The first bare-legged shuffling since, probably, early November, and to me as sure a sign of Spring on the way as pitchers and catchers. There’s an old hikers’ saw that a pound on your feet is the equivalent of five pounds on your back. I’ve never been too sure of that, but I’ll tell you this: five ounces on your legs has precisely that effect on a runner. So I’m free at last, if only intermittently until the trees bud and the grass turns green. (The fact that local drivers and walkers seem to feel they need to shelter their eyes and distract their children’s attention as I wobble fluorescently on by, groaning and scratching myself, with my knobbly knees clicking arrhythmically, is their problem.)

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