Second-hand Rose

When you run in the winter, the idea is to be cold when you step out the door so that you’ll be comfy and not over-heated after a half-mile or so. For lots of runners, including me, this means a light or medium layer or two under a windshell. Last winter, I used mostly an Adidas pullover that was cheap, ratty, and almost perfect.

(Cheap and ratty are plusses, not minuses, to most people hauling around the roads in February. I still occasionally pull out the profoundly disreputable ancient dark green snap-front, circa 1964, that I used in college.)

But toward the end of cold weather I got a look at a Patagonia Airshed—not cheap, not ratty—and felt a flutter in my heart. It’s basically a perfectly-realized version of the random stuff I’ve been wearing for years—the same simple basic pullover, but made with more thought, more care, and better material.

But I’m not paying $119 for it.

Turns out I don’t have to. One turned up on Patagonia’s Worn Wear website, and I snatched it.

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