Rolling togetherness

H had the afternoon off today. (Hey! I thought med school was supposed to be hard.) Toward the end of daylight, we suited up, popped sweet B for the very first time into the Chariot Cougar 1 that Aunt K gave her, and headed out (with Jasper the Wonderdog, of course) for our first three-generation shuffle.

It was a great success. The Cougar handled the slightly rough underfoot really well, B was content, Jasper frolicked in the snow, and we two adults came home rosy-cheeked and smiling. It was cold—about 10°F (-12°C) with a windchill temp below zero. But were were moving, we weren’t out for long, and B was well protected from both wind and cold. (That’s the bow of her bonnet strings under her chin, not frost!)

We project lots of Cougar running this winter and for a few years to come.

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