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I’ve managed to stupidize myself off Airport again and am back operating on the tether. This doesn’t affect actual writing, of course, but it inhibits those spurts of inspirational genius I so rely on. (Or, as Alan implies in his comment to the previous post, it keeps me from efficiently scanning the web for something actually worthwhile while watching TV from my easy chair. How did he know about that?)

Speaking of TV (and isn’t that a lead-in that just demands you keep reading?), the Democratic Convention is being broadcast by all the cable news networks here. Apparently many people are watching in that way, which means they are having to put up not only with endless commercials, but also—and even more infuriatingly insulting to the average intelligence—the inane bloviations of vapid “experts” (who, I have to assume, are the only people allowed by law to appear on these stations). A quick suggestion to those about to scratch their own eyes out: C-SPAN. No ads, no pundits, just a camera and a mic. In other words, make up your own mind.

Tonight, of course, I’ll be watching the Red Sox and Yankees. With the sound turned off. Modern baseball announcers drive me up the wall even quicker than political commentators, which really bugs me, because their job is so much more important. Bring back Ned Martin!


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  1. Over on this side of the pond we get to see quite a lot of American Political news and I have to say, our own best beloved BBC are just as guilty as your own commentators. They just LOVE being the BBC man in America – their new found hugely over-blown egos crash through way ahead of the story, leaving you cross and perplexed in equal amounts.

    Cross, because I am paying for their ego trip and still not getting to the nub of the news from over there and perplexed as to why we let this happen?

    If it was a commercial station that was reporting, then I would understand that certain messages might not be passed on as the broadcaster would have their own agenda, but with the BBC the only agenda should be to deliver the news with as unbiased an angle as is possible.

    As for the Red-Socks and the Yankies – well I am glad you told me what sport they play, otherwise I would be totally lost. We used to have the same with a football commentator over here – John Motson (thankfull now retired) – who was so useless we used to watch the game on the telly with the sound turned off and listen to the radio for the commentary.

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