Pennant race

I got back from England to find the Red Sox 7 games behind the Yankees. Seven games! See what happens when I leave the country? It’s 6-1/2 now, with a big weekend series between the two teams beginning tonight in Boston. The Sox have to win at least two of three, or it’s gulp time. Yankee Pettitte against Red Sox Penny tonight, Burnett against Tazawa (Tazawa? Nothing like tossing him in at the deep end of the pool!) tomorrow, and a killer matchup, Sabathia against Beckett Sunday. I’ll be reciting my secret BoSox incantations all weekend. So will everyone else in New England…except those awful Yankee people in that bad part of Connecticut.

Let’s sweep ’em. Here’s to a 3-1/2 game race come Monday morning.

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