Moan and groan

I thought this morning, as I lowered myself stiffly into my chair, about the massive difference between my fitness last year at this time and now.

In March, 2008, I was preparing for the TGOC, feeling strong and…fluid might be a good word. Moving well. And, of course, feeling rather smug about it all. Hubris gets me every time.

I had my Challenge experience, came home, ran over the summer and fall, and kept walking, but stupidly largely ignored the Total Gym and Reverse Hyper. These two bits of apparatus, used in combination three times a week, keep my chronic lower back problems in check, and also enhance my fast-disappearing flexibility and general strength. Since November, I’ve also been away from my 3-mile morning walks and virtually any running at all. So now I’m a pathetic, moaning, creaky old man.

BUT…weather’s getting better and H and I have been out shuffling three times in the last three days. We’ve also had some lovely strolls with sweet B and Jasper the Wonderdog. I’m reasonably sure there’s a lot more of this to come.

Friday, I also signed up at the local health club ($80 through the middle of May to use any of the equipment, any time, 24/7. Good deal, I think). I have an appointment tomorrow with somebody who will walk me through their machines so I can set up an appropriate rotation for myself. And then it’s walk, run, and hit the apparatus three times a week until H’s graduation day in mid-May. My goal is to be moderately fit and a lot more comfortable by then. Which also happens to be right in the middle of the 2009 TGOC.

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