Looking north, thinking north

Some time ago, I posted a shot from New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington looking toward the Northern Presidentials in the White Mountain National Forest. Today is especially beautiful up there: A tropical 62°F (17°C) with light 14 mph winds from the west. In this shot you can see the line of the Cog Railway (a 19th Century coal-burner) crossing horzontally and, beyond it, at the edge of the unseen Great Gulf, part of the Carriage Road (also a 19th Century construction). The Observatory’s website identifies the mountains in the distance as Clinton, Jefferson, and Adams. I think that’s wrong. I’m pretty sure we’re looking at Jefferson, Adams, and Madison. At any rate, the walk along this ridge is a highlight of New England walking, and is perhaps the best stretch of the AT as well.

With my ankle feeling better, I’m getting antsy to redeem myself in some way for my Scottish flameout, and the Whites are calling. Instead of the Presies, though, I feel a Bonds traverse coming on. I just need to find a few days during this happily crowded summer. Perhaps mid-July. Pre-baby, of course.

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