Kiwi winter (summer?)—maybe

I’ve gotten serious about tramping in New Zealand this February. The Appalachian Mountain Club is running what looks like a terrific “Major Excursion” (the Abel Tasman and Routeburn tracks, and most of the Kepler). The only drawback is that it filled up so fast that I didn’t make the cut. I’m on the waiting list. It sounds a little like the TGOC, doesn’t it? But unlike the Challenge, the AMC is trying to put together another section to meet demand. So I have two reasons to remain hopeful.

I’ve always loved walking with friends and family, but it wasn’t long ago that I would have drilled my own teeth before going on a group trip of this kind. I’m fundamentally shy, and I’ve also been certain there would be at least one person along who would drive me insane and spoil the whole experience. But I don’t much enjoy walking solo, and recent experiences and reports have changed my mind about groups. I had a fantastic time meeting and walking with new friends on the Challenge last year. I’ve had old friends tell me how great AMC and similar trips have gone for them. I’ve also discovered that two of the very few advantages of growing older have been a lessening reserve and more easy going attitude.

So I’m sitting here in my jandals, nursing a jug, and hoping this whole thing doesn’t go down the gurgler.


Kiwi winter (summer?)—maybe — 1 Comment

  1. Go for it Mark. We enjoyed NZ in early 2008 – it was the reason for setting up our blog.
    You could try alternating hiking with kayaking on the Abel Tasman route, and a trip to Nelson Lakes would be good, but I suppose you should just 'go with the flow'.

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