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  1. Great stuff, Mark! Thanks so much for posting the link to the article, as well as the vids. I've loved JT's music for over half a lifetime now (though I'd never heard of him until I went to the States aged 20 to work as a trip guide on a summer camp–I came home with Mud Slide Slim etc), and it's great to see that he's still out there. I must try to get along and see him again if he's touring here within the foreseeable future.

    Alan Sloman tells me, also, that you'll probably be able to resolve a grammatical conundrum for me. Should I be writing "goat's cheese" or "goats' cheese" when referring to… well, goaty cheese?

  2. Cheers, Alan.

    Shirl, glad you enjoyed the post. On the cheesy side, if I were developing the style sheet for a pub, I'd leave out the apostrophe and the "s" altogether. It would be "goat cheese". Descriptive, not possessive. And also the way I hear most people say it…at least over here! (New England has become a hotbed of artisinal cheese.)

    The nice thing about style sheets, though, is that you can tweak them if you want. I once inherited one that spelled the baseball term "homerun". I thought that was weird, and didn't like the way it made me say the word in my head, so it became the more usual "home run". My pub, my style sheet. So if you like either apostrophe, go for it! (If pressed, I'd prefer "goat's cheese".)

  3. Thanks, Mark 🙂

    Frustratingly, peeps round here tend to add an 's' to the word 'goat', so in my head it would sound odd to simply refer to 'goat' cheese.

    You live in New England, then? What a beautiful place that is! The summer camp I worked at was in Massachusetts, and we took the young monsters on hiking and canoeing trips in various parts of New England. I remember it all as beautifully leafy, with a much happier climate than the one we have here. (Oh, and I also remember the ice cream. Yum!)

  4. <>

    Then ya gotta go with the "s" for sure, Shirl. I'd still go for the 's over the s'.

    In the right seasons New England is, indeed, beautifully leafy. As to climate, a bit more extreme than where you are: hotter, colder, more humid, etc. Certainly no more beautiful than Old England.

    New Englanders do eat more ice cream than folks anywhere else in the States. So there's lots of it and it's often pretty good!

    Come again and we'll wander the Whites (or the Greens) a bit.

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