I protest!

Sweet B has a number of nice, warm little sleepers, which she pretty much lives in. My favorites zip up and down. Changing the baby? Zzzip!…there you are. Finished? Zzzip!…all set. The others—what I have come to think of as the silly sleepers—have snaps (poppers). Twelve of them, several of which fasten oddly at the crotch. This is insanely fussy. Changing the baby? Unsnap, unsnap, unsnap, etc., etc. etc. Finished? Snap, snap, snap…no wait, that wasn’t the right snap…unsnap, snap, snap…dammit all…unsnap, snap, etc., etc. All with the baby wiggling around and laughing derisively.

What are the people who design these garments thinking? Are they in cahoots with the infant population to make adults (probably mostly male adults…ok, probably mostly grandfathers) look ridiculous and feel inept?

I protest! I, for one, can handle the task of appearing foolish all on my own. I will not resist the obvious: it’s a snap.

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