Have you noticed it’s winter?

Negative 12°F (-24°C) this morning, according to the thermometer outside the kitchen window.

The key is these situations is always wind, of course, and there wasn’t any to speak of, so Paul and I were reasonably cozy for our hour out, though I may not look it. Eyelashes frozen, of course.

Lake Placid, NY reported in this morning at -37° (-38°), so Woodbury’s in the tropical part of the Northeast today.

On the other hand, maybe not so much. Paul got back home to find that his furnace wasn’t working. He has an outside tank, and fuel oil can gel up in really cold weather (even, apparently, with multiple applications of the special additive that costs $17 a quart). In the meantime, I’ve suggested he leave his fridge open to warm the place up. [7pm: Just back from E’s red barn in the back. Her furnace conked out too, but I think (knock, knock, knock on wood) I got it going again. A nice new condo is looking pretty good right now. Or maybe a trip to New Zealand. 12 days, 2 hours, 43 minutes, 53 seconds.]

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