Happy holidays

We had a gentlish Christmas here, with good friends, a smaller-than-usual Boxing Day party (bad weather), and, of course, H, A, and sweet B. No other gifts necessary. Tonight, we plan another quiet holiday evening with an old friend, and then tomorrow, extending open arms to the new year.

This was B’s gift to her great-grandfather, and it conveys a pretty accurate picture, physically and attitudinally, of our girl. B’s 4-1/2 now, and although she looks amazingly like her mother at the
same age, it’s becoming obvious she has an altogether different
personality than her reserved mom (not to mention being a stunning fashion plate). On my side of the family, at least,
the relative she’s most like is my mother, who was open, outgoing,
social, and anything but shy. Like her, B will talk to anyone at any
time about anything. She expects to like everyone and expects everyone
to like her. Which, of course, they do. My feeling about this is,
basically, envy.


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