We were at an event back in May where the the Gin & Tonic was the drink on offer. I don’t think I’d had one in 25 or 30 years. Maybe longer. I liked it. Them.

Now I make up a couple several evenings a week. (One is not for me.)

After years of beer and inexpensive wine (well, cheap would be a more precise description), I’m shooting for the classic New England old-guy, blue-blazer, yacht-club version of the G&T. Here are the lessons I’ve gleaned from my sources:

Tanqueray. Keep it in the freezer.
Schweppes. Never Canada Dry.
Ice cubes. Never chipped ice.
Lime wedges. Lemon only in extremis.
Try 2-½ to 1, tonic to gin, and adjust to taste.

Pretty much the simplest cocktail around. And as I’ve rediscovered, pretty much perfect for hot summer evenings. But dangerous. I learned fast that my limit is one. Gin ain’t Pinot Grigio.

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