From pool to slope

I’m in Concord this weekend. After B’s swim lesson at the Y this morning, we walked a few streets over to a cafe for a bite. This place has a sort of display at counter height to show off its offerings. As H and I scanned the possibilities, B looked up and said, “Lift me up, mama, so I can see my options.”

B becomes an “Eel” in a few weeks in the Y’s progression. She’s moving along a lot quicker than I am, that’s for sure. (I’m still deeply involved in my battle to breathe.) But very soon the two of us will have a week floating together in the warm, tropical waters of the Virgin Islands, looking down at pretty coral and colorful fish. I, for one, will using a snorkel.

Later today, we’re planning on a near-opposite experience: a good ski at the local hill. We’ve had a stretch of unseasonably warm weather followed by rain (and sleet, and finally a little snow) yesterday, but the lifts are running. So this afternoon I’ll be trying to control my grin as I follow B down the bunny slope. For me, a pretty good option.

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