We’ve been away in (very cold) Minnesota. Less utterly pedestrian posts to come, I hope. In the meantime, more final choices. I’d originally been planning on walking the Challenge in Montrail Hardrocks, pretty popular trailrunners over here, which have become my standard walking footwear. As I posted recently, I decided over the winter I might not really enjoy wandering across Scotland with permanently wet feet. I looked for another Montrail solution, and found a pair of Cirrus GTX boots in my size at a reasonable price.

Supposedly, the Cirrus GoreTex liner is handled in such a way as to reduce the sweat-pooling GTX boots are notorious for. So far so good there. The boots turned out to need a little working up to feel comfortable around my high volume foot and orthotics. Recent walks make me confident that a little experimentation has got the situation sorted. Longer laces helped, with what an old running friend laughingly used to call “precision lacing patterns,” which you might just be able to make out above; and, surprisingly, light polypro liner socks beneath my Thorlos. A little fussy, but still reasonably light, and now comfy. So I think I’ve got one more box ticked.


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  1. They look the business. I am a fan of ‘precision lacing patterns’ – you can adjust the lacing to different tensions and have greater flex areas on the boot as well. It works for me!

    A word of warning about your polypro liners (I use them too.) They stink to high heaven after a day in a boot! Try also the smartwool liners – far kinder to your nostrils in the tent after a long day!

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