Fine times


We’ve had a wonderful holiday, with great family time and a chance to see lots of the friends I’d been missing. We had our annual Boxing Day do, which filled and overflowed us as usual, and for the last few days college friends of A and H have been sleeping all over the house. A kitchen bulging with smart and outgoing 20-somethings representing the clergy, academia, Silicon Valley tech, and media is a wonderful place for an old and creaky guy to have his batteries recharged…even if he did toddle off to bed long before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Sweet B has been experimenting with solid foods, with spectacularly bad results on sweet potatoes…

… and only slightly better luck with pears…

…which she later accepted more cheerfully when they were presented in a more elegant manner—on a spoon rather than her father’s fingertip.

She seemed much happier altogether with the Baby Buff Santa brought for her, and cheerfully wore it out for a walk the other day:

A lovely holiday.

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