A few good looks

A couple of belated Christmas offerings.

The photo above, which I actually promised in the post below on Mt. Washington, is this morning’s view north from the summit, showing part of the ridge of the northern Presidential Range, including Clay (an almost-president Presidential), Jefferson, and Adams. Madison is out of the picture to the right. (Photo credit: Mt. Washington Observatory.) Temperature at 9:45 am: 22.7°F (-5°C), wind 41.5 mph (67 kph), wind chill 2.6°F (-16°C).

And a gift to those who have not already unwrapped it for themselves: Have a look at Daryl May’s LEJOG Website. I don’t know if it’s Lands’ End or John O’ Groat’s or what’s in between, but there’s obviously something in that walk that brings out something special in those who write about it. Or maybe it attracts those who are already special. Whichever it is, Daryl joins the corps.

A peaceful holiday season to all.

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