Fast times in Concord

B, A, and H were in Woodbury last weekend, and we had a wonderful time. B, aka the Venus of Urbino in Jammies, got better and better at please (“peetz”) and thank-you (“ank-doo”). “Mango, peetz.”

Now we’re all in New Hampshire, and yesterday morning she was popped into her little pod for the bike trip to daycare. Her first ride this spring was a disaster due to bumpy roads and a sore behind, but now, well padded, she loves it, singing along or chortling as dada pumps along.

Her mama and dada and I have been out for a few easy shuffles, and H has asked me if I’d like to run with her this morning in a little 5K at Canterbury Shaker Village. Well, yes, you bet, as long as she doesn’t mean I really have to race (the mind boggles). So we’re just going to run through it together, and then see what we can do over the last kilometer, also together. Could she have thought of something I’d enjoy more? No.

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