Drowned Rat dries off

A little damp out there this morning. Ten degrees colder, and this would have been a heck of a snow storm. It’s still sheeting down, the rivers are rising, and some schools are closed because of possible flooding. Definitely one of those days when you wished your car’s windshield wipers had a higher gear.

But I’m now clean, dry, and wooly warm-footed, drinking tea and gazing out the window in an unattractively self-satisfied manner at others negotiating the puddles and splash. Oh, la, la, la, quelle hauteur!

And I got my pinky sutures out. No more blob bandage or goofy splint. I can now put it back to work tapping out those perceptive A’s, analytical Q’s and ironic Z’s. Not to mention all the elegant shifting and tabbing. Ah, it’s great to be back in shape.

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