Dr. No, yes? Maybe.

More Brit stuff in another New York Times article. I remember Dr. No from when we lived near London in the early ’70s, and I was vaguely aware that there was a new version, but I’d never heard of Russell Davies, let alone the claim that he has “changed the face of television in the U.K.” (Has he? But I rather liked Ludovic Kennedy, though I was mostly a Magic Roundabout man.)

And OK, OK, you whining complainers, I won’t keep writing about what I read in the paper or bring home from the library. Stay tuned for hair-raising posts about blood-chilling adventures full of tension, danger, and orgiastic pleasures (especially gear—especially stoves!—especially small light stoves!!). Guaranteed nothing in the next few posts to do with books, culture, current political events, or finer feelings of any kind (except the occasional Yes We Can).


Dr. No, yes? Maybe. — 1 Comment

  1. Mark,
    RD certainly has done that especially if you were a Doctor Who fan. He has made many a fan happy with the new Doctor Who, Torchwood, bringing back Sarah Jane and K9, and also a Doctor Who cartoon.

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