Da Doo Run Run

Mildly chuffed am I. My first little shuffle since Scotland went all right. Just a couple of easy loops on a lovely morning, but the ankle felt good and everything else seems to work OK.

I’ve decided to try to stay casual about this by keeping track of iPod tunes instead of miles. I eschew jazz for my runs and load up the Shuffle with ’50s and ’60s stuff. This morning it decided to start me out with “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and finished me off with “All I Have to Do Is Dream.” (I’m not sure what I’ll do on the morning it tries to rev me up with “Nowhere to Run.”)

I never noticed before how many good runners’ titles there are in my list, beginning, of course, with “Get Ready”: the atmospheric “Lonely Avenue”; the cocky “Come Go With Me”; the aspirational “Rip It Up“; the existential “Cry Cry Cry”; the supportive “Lean On Me”; the directive “Get up, Stand Up”; and the plaintive “Maybe”.

“Stagger Lee” would often fit me well, too.


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  1. LOL – there’s a 60’s cd I’ll often chuck on in the car when heading to the Cairngorms. Appropriately, just as I reach the edge of Aberdeen City it starts belting out “We’ve gotta get outta this place … girl, there’s a betta place for you an me”.

    Music seems integral to being outdoors. I wonder what our various forefathers sung when minding the livestock, or walking the miles to market – in whatever languages are appropriate for our heritages.

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