Chafinch Map of Scotland

Is this …

… known to all you Brits? Or at least all you Brits who walk in Scotland? Or at least all you Scots?

I found it here, on the wonderful site, Strange Maps, where I am told that it was “written in 1965 by Edwin Morgan (b. 1920), Poet Laureate of Glasgow (1999) and (since 2004) Scottish National Poet.” I further learn that “[t]he work looks deceptively simple, while in fact it is a cleverly multilayered combination of poetry, cartography, ornithology, linguistics, and maybe just a hint of Scottish nationalism, with carefully encrypted route suggestions for TGO Challengers.” (Okay, I made up that last part.)

The “cleverly multilayered” stuff is way over my head, but I think its cool, anyway.

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