Can’t account for it

I just discovered that my profile over there to the right has been listing my “Industry” as “Accounting.” Oh, the horselaughs if my friends ever saw this! In all the list, there isn’t another possibility that would be as far from an accurate representation of my inclinations and whatever skills I may have. “Investment Banker” would be less absurd. “Fashion” would be dead-on by comparison. I do dress myself, after all.

I changed the box to “Consulting,” which some people I know think sounds grand, but which, like “freelance writer” more often than not means “unemployed.” “Communications or Media” is as opaque as Consulting, and I suppose is just as flabbily accurate, but it sounds so grubbily Fleet Street (that’s actually the accurate part). “Publishing” inevitably makes me think of losing money…and we’re all the way back around to Accounting.

Consulting works best, especially on the understanding that for purposes of this Challenge blog it reflects being the consult-er rather than the consult-ant.

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