Balmy zephyrs

As Mr. Rogers would say, it’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood. Warm, freshly leafed-out, and full of sunny promise. On my shuffle this morning, I stopped for a chat with a high school classmate who, with a little help from his playful yellow Lab, was rigging his fishing rod for a go at the Nonnewaug’s trout. We agreed that, on balance, young is better than old. Tough noogies for us.

A little later, R and I cut down a tree, or rather a 15-foot cedar stump (can it still be a stump at that height?), and I “fixed” M’s malfunctioning printer by putting to use the highly technical procedure of picking it up off one table and putting down on another. Digital genius!

Then I went home and drank a luxurious mug of tea.

And it’s been pretty perfect the rest of the day, too.

But I do miss our Concordians, H, A, and sweet B, here appearing with her mama in last night’s iChat.

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