Backyard mixology

We’re having a go at Square Foot Gardening, and my task yesterday was to mix growing soil for our new raised beds…
… and help haul and shovel the mixture of compost, peat moss, and vermiculite into place.
Some other person actually planted the goodies: a mixture of flowers and veggie refugees that have been sitting around rather unhappily on the other side of the house grumbling to each other and waiting to be found a home.
Sometime soon, I’ll install some better looking panels to obscure the fact that we now have giant black plastic boxes next to our house, and eventually, I’ll be picking tomatoes and carrots and tomatillos and lettuce and New Zealand (of course!) spinach (which apparently isn’t actually spinach at all).
In the more traditional manner, we’ve already had a great haul of plain old American spinach, and all kinds of salad greens and herbs and other nice things. Oh, such mint! I’ve been close to vegetarian for a month or so.

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