B is five days old now, and there’s been a lot of bonding going on. This girl will be well-loved, for sure…and probably a big reader, if only in self-defense.

We’ve been keeping H company for the last few days, running the occasional errand, doing a little shopping…and grabbing B for snuggles whenever possible. H and A walk a lot, and B has not put a crimp in that at all. Last night, we were all out, including Jasper the Wonder Dog, who has been a bit confused, occasionally concerned with unfamiliar cries, but essentially his easy-going self.

When we got back, B decided to just kick back.

We’ll be here through the end of the week or so, and after we leave we’ll be counting the days until we can see B in the flesh again. Wonderfully, iChat will let us get together by video whenever we want.

Many thanks to all of those who have sent best wishes. B will be seven days old on Thursday, we’ve got a bottle of bubbly in the fridge for a one-week birthday party, and we’ll toast you all.

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