Another WP app.

I’ve discovered Adobe’s web-based, collaborative (if you want it to be) word processing program, Buzzword. It is similar in many ways to Google Docs, which I’ve written about, though, to me, more attractive and welcoming (though perhaps a little slow?). As with Docs, I’m concerned about possible problems concerning web access and a lack of personal customer service to deal with them. Perhaps the solution is as simple as it is for computer-based word processing: back up, back up, back up. At home, I automatically back up daily to an external hard drive, and before coming to Minnesota, I was about to implement a second daily auto backup to web storage. If I can implement a good protocol with Buzzword, perhaps the Adobe application will be my final answer.

I’m annoyed that I’m dithering so much over this. For years I worked, if often at long distance, with people who kept up with these professionally interesting tech advances, and we’d try things out and bat them around. I think much of my problem is the lack of this informal collegial product testing. Of course, I’m older now too, and my once sparkling mind is just a little less pétillant.

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