I’ve been on a YouTube kick lately. It’s been keeping me from going stir-crazy on these frigid days when I can’t get out to exercise. Here are the subjects I’ve been digging around in most.

  • Coffee. A relatively recent interest…I’d always been a tea man. I’ve learned a lot about sourcing, processing, roasting, brewing. Here, here, here. I try not to be a bore about it. I fail.
  • Fitness/Fitness tech (mostly running, some strength and flexibility, including a little yoga). Some of the yoga, especially, has been really helpful. On the other hand, there are a zillion running sites. virtually none of which speak to the issues of an old guy like me. But I keep looking. And the tech stuff astonishes. (I do like this guy, not because of any great tips, but just because he’s cool. And Australian)
  • Baseball. I watch instructional videos, mostly for teenage players. This is a nostalgic exercise. I’m weirdly delighted that, by and large, they teach the same things I was taught, in pretty much the same way. The main difference is that modern infields aren’t filled with rocks. (As with the running stuff, all these guys seem to call themselves Coach. “Coach Bob, Coach Fred, Coach Michelle.” I have to say that, to me, the fact they’ve awarded themselves this minor honorific, and have then stuck it in front of their first name seems simultaneously pretentious and smarmy. I know… I’m old and crotchety.)
  • Travel/Outdoors. Interesting walks. Useful gear. Eccentric opinions. Colorful personalities.
  • Music (especially jazz). YouTube was made for this.There is so much wonderful stuff out there. Even not jazz. Along these lines, I’ve especially been enjoying this guy.
  • Obsession (the presenter’s, not mine). I’m fascinated by people who are really into something and whose energy makes it at least theoretically interesting to me. And I’ve always appreciated oddballs and harmless maniacs.

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