Wind aided

A while before I left home for Minnesota, there was an article in a local paper about the 50th running of the invitational cross-country meet sponsored by our high school. The Nonnewaug (originally Woodbury) Invitational is, I think, the oldest invitational meet in the state, and although it’s changed shape over the years, its distinctive mark is a concentration on small schools and a low-key, friendly atmosphere. Doughnuts and cider after the races (four of them—boys and girls varsity and j.v.) have been a feature. This year, they had some special doings and an alumni race to spice things up.

Great stuff. I coached teams that ran in this event in the ’70s and ’80s, and I helped direct it during the ’90s. Farther back than that, I was in high school when the race (then just a single run: boys varsity) was established. And under a pile of detritus somewhere in my father’s house lie trophies from the third and fourth annual Woodbury Invitationals in 1963 and 1964, which … ah, wait a minute (counting on fingers) … that would make this year’s running … the 48th. (Counting on fingers again to make sure)—Yes, the 48th.


What the hell. It’s a great event. I’m just sorry that I won’t be around in another 48 years when they celebrate its 100th.

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