Welcome back, Jasper!

The blogging spirit has not been visiting me lately. (Translation: I have nothing remotely interesting to say, about anything, to anyone.) But this morning I had a wonderful short walk with Jasper the Wonderdog. J the W has had a rough few weeks. An injury; treatment and meds that fixed him up but also gave him gastric problems; a resulting light and odd diet; general desuetude; and over the weekend, hours—16 in all—riding in the back of the car. But now he’s back.

Overnight we’ve had an impressive (and continuing) snowfall, and the streets are still unplowed. Jasper frisked and gamboled his way around the block, undulating his way through the deeper drifts, occasionally performing his amazing levitation trick, and, with lightness and wonderful doggy grace, leaping re-covered old piles of snow. When we got home, he escaped my grip in the kitchen and dove deeper into the apartment, where I’m sure (I don’t really want to look before I have my tea) he shook himself thoroughly all over the floor. He’s definitely back. Perhaps the blogging spirit (how appropriate that the initials of this vital essence are B.S.) will return as well.


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