We had a great weekend in New Hampshire. H and A were competing in their first triathlon, a “sprint” event with a 1/3 mi. swim, 12 mi. ride, and 3 mi. run. We were there in support. (Actually, it was primarily a great excuse to hang out again with sweet B after not seeing her for a whole, sadly deprived, week.)

The event was impressively organized, and seemed to go off without a hitch. H, who essentially learned how to really swim over the past few months, found the water segment challenging, but she and A both did fine, and are planning to do another in three weeks. We will once again provide support … and get in some good snuggles.

The tri was at a small resort and ski area in East Madison, but we stayed a half-hour north near the fleshpots of North Conway, which over the last few decades has become one huge strip mall of outlet shops. It manages to retain some charm, though, including its remarkable and nicely restored 19th century railroad station.

The area also offers two legitimately excellent independent outdoor stores and the Limmer shop (best custom boots in the world), not to mention—once away from the frenzied shopping along Rt. 16—superb walking and climbing. It’s an outdoor mecca, close to the heart of the part of the country we all love most. It was wonderful to be back.

The moose? No problem.

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