Warm and busy

How nice. A warm day. After not even going out Thursday because I didn’t think I could keep sweet B warm and protected enough in the frigid temps and wind that sent the chill way below 0°F, today was above freezing, and B and I had a good jaunt to the library, to return some books at the main desk and “re-donate” a pile of paperback mysteries to the Friends used book shop.

But it wasn’t a good day for poor B. She was hungry but wouldn’t eat, tired but wouldn’t sleep. And when we finally got her down, H wasn’t about to chance loading her into the running stroller. So it was just the three of us—H, Jasper the Wonderdog, and I, on a virtually balmy shuffle around Silver Lake.

H and A have been slaving away in the evenings and all day today (with more to do tomorrow) to pack up for The Next Stage, which involves, purely as a first step, moving most of their goods and furniture to an apartment in Concord, New Hampshire, which neither of them has actually seen yet (I looked at it back in October). The moving van picks everything up this coming week, and we all, by various methods, make our way back East over the weekend.

H showed me some of the papers she was disposing of—shoe boxes full of index-carded notes and stacks of file folders full of study sheets and more notes, all used to internalize the basics she had to learn back in her first two years of med school. I’m used to being impressed by H, who takes after her mother and resembles her husband as an academic star. But wow. I was staggered by the sheer volume of material she—like all student docs—had to organize and digest.

I believe she’s studying for her Boards in this shot. B obviously has some advice to convey.

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