Utter joy

Early Wednesday morning we got the call we’d been waiting for, and we were in the car headed for Minnesota by 7:30. Eighteen or so hours later, somewhere north of Chicago, we took a call from A telling us that our first granddaughter had been born: Thursday, August 31, at 12:08 AM (Central time). Giddy with happiness, stupid with fatigue, we stopped for a few hours rest in Madison, Wisconsin, and came on the rest of the way later in the morning.

Despite a difficult labor, H looked glowingly wonderful when we saw her, and she and A introduced us to the tiny, red, soft, and perfect B. The usual holdings, kissing, cooings, and picture-takings brought to our attention the fact that B is beautiful, highly intelligent, and deeply sensitive.

H left the hospital Friday afternoon, and she and A walked home, 10 minutes or so, with B in one of those little cuddly carriers.

Since then, there’s been relatively little sleep at their house. Infatuation? Oh, maybe just a little.


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  1. The pictures are amazing. I’m so happy to hear that everything went according to plan and that there is a beautiful addition to the family!!! Looking forward to more pictures!!

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