Tri, and tri and cri

We all slept in late this dark, cold, and wet morning. I was amazed to roll over and see that it was almost 8:30.

Once we all got our motors started, H and A were out the door training for their first triathlon, which they have decided will be on May 31 in North Conway, New Hampshire. The schedule today called for efforts in all three disciplines. Swim and bike came first, and by the time they straggled bedraggled back to the house after their run, they were soaked, cold, and happy to be done.

While they were away, sweet B and I ran our own triathlon: because of the oddly scheduled morning, I’d let her get simultaneously hungry, thirsty, and sleepy. To report that I duly provided food, drink, and lullaby gives no sort of picture of the half hour we spent getting the poor lovey to the finish line.

We later booked rooms at the Nereledge Inn for the triathlon weekend. When H was little, we stayed here often on trips to the hills or the ski slopes, and I have a lot of fond memories of good times and pleasant people. It was under different management then, and something of a mecca for climbers, hikers, and cross-country skiers. I’ll be interested to see what it’s like now. Maybe we’ll even be able to get a little walking in.

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