North to Concord this year (last year was in Rochester, Minnesota), to find that sweet B has a veritable Stonehenge of new teeth supplementing the two earlybirds we’d become so fond of. Eight in all! Thankfully, they don’t seem to be giving her much pain.

B decided on a more elegant self-presentation as the meal began.

…and was soon toasting around the table.

I wasn’t quite sure what this reaction to my pie meant…

…but since she kept eating, I guess all was well.

B is now saying lots of words. To her, I am “M”, which she enunciates with insouciant aplomb. She can say Mama, Dada (sometimes), Dickie (her great-grandfather). She can moo, baa, quack, meow, and arf. She can stick out her tongue to emulate a frog. She can, of course, manipulate a Fastex buckle. With a daddy-ride to help her with the very top, she can stack blocks…

…which she then knocks down with a series of karate-like chops and cries.

Before we left Friday, we met H for lunch at the hospital caf, where mommy and daughter spent a little time together appreciating the pretty fish in the aquarium.

We miss them all already. Because of H’s schedule, we won’t see them on Christmas Day, but Boxing Day will be a special treat this year.

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