Thanks, Mac

Last week, the dreaded “Kernel Panic” box started popping up on my desktop computer. A few days later, as I knew it would, everything stopped working, and it was time—past time—for a trip to the Genius Bar and, probably, a new hard drive. Uncharacteristically, I had saved the box (and the styrofoam fittings!) the 2006, 24-inch iMac had come in, so I packed everything off, and made my way to the Apple Store about 45 minutes away.

My particular genius ran some diagnostics and confirmed my diagnosis, so I paid my $332 and left the computer. Told I’d be able to retrieve it in 5-7 days, I headed off for northern New England and forgot about it.

Wednesday, on a back road in Vermont, I got a surprising call. It was an Apple rep. Repairs were backing up, she said, parts were not coming through in good time, she couldn’t give me a reasonable date for completion of the job … and would I accept a new computer instead?

No dummy I, even under this sort of avaricious pressure, and knowing Apple no longer made 24-inch iMacs, I asked which computer they were going to give me. A 27-incher, I was told.

No dummy I, especially under this sort of avaricious pressure, permission was granted.

Yesterday, I wandered into the store at about 10:15, and wandered out 10 minutes later under the considerable weight of a brand new 27-inch, 3.06 GHz, 1 TB iMac with one of those tiny wireless keyboards (not bad, really, and I’m sold on wireless, but I may go back to my full-featured one) and a Magic Mouse (terrific).

A little effortless Time Machine magic, and I was up and running by early afternoon.

Nary a glitch in the whole process. Wonder Bread used to build strong bodies 12 ways. I’m amazed and gratified in at least that many.

Merci beaucoup, Pomme.

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