The whole tribe hit the roads this morning, under a steady rain in 45°F (7°C) temps. (But I checked—we were in Minnesota, not Scotland.) It was wonderful. We were out for only about 45 minutes, and very much VS2 (H and A had already done their swim training), but it’s so great to begin to pick up that rhythm again after a few months of the occasional snowy stagger. Sweet B was gurgling and chirping happily in her warm, dry little chariot, Jasper the Wonderdog couldn’t have been happier, and the kids gave their new flats (Saucony Guide 2 for A, New Balance 769 for H) an appropriately watery baptism.

In different realm of running, there was a truly exemplary article in the New York Times this morning about the London Marathon. It’s rare to see such intelligent and incisive writing about distance running. Any running, really.

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