A song for B

B sometimes wakes up hard from her naps, fussing, crying, and flailing about with her little arms. This afternoon, she gave an especially dramatic performance, and that old Neil Sedaka song, Waking Up is Hard to Do popped into my mind:Don’t take my sleep away from me
Don’t leave my heart in misery
If you do I’ll scream at you
’Cause waking up is hard to do.
Remember when you held me tight
Made me think it still was night
Remember that I’m just brand new
Waking up is hard to do.
They say that waking up is hard to do
Now I know, I know that it’s true
Don’t say that this is the end
Instead of waking up I wish my dreams were taking up again.
I beg of you, don’t make me cry
Can’t I give my nap another try
I’m just a baby, let me start anew
’Cause waking up is hard to do.

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