Snow day

H had the day off because of the foul weather, and we spent most of it unpacking boxes and putting things where they belong (or at least fit temporarily). We have a way to go yet before the place is warm-feeling and really comfortable, but things look and feel much better now.

Just before it got dark, we got bundled up and headed out to find the park we knew was about a half-mile up the road. H had J the W’s leash and I had B in the Ergo chest carrier as we shuffled and chugged uphill along the unshoveled sidewalks (boy, am I unfit!). In the park, J got his first free runabout since we arrived in Concord. He used it to disregard commands and run 200 yards across the (empty) skating pond to check on a somewhat more mannerly Husky. Ten seconds of frisking about, and he deigned to answer H’s calls to return. When he got back to us, he tried to put the brakes on, and skidded right by. J the Doofus.

Sweet B returned home rosy-cheeked and happy, to pose with her somewhat less adorable grandfather in the kitchen.

Then tea, followed eventually by a meal from the H&A cookbook: the first meal I ever created that contained, among a number of other things, the combo of walnut oil, maple syrup, and pomegranate seeds. And it was not bad.

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