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H, who has wanted to be a rural family practice doctor since she was a young girl, has been reading a blog recommended to her by A’s father (also an A—but with different letters following). It is written by a young, female, rural primary care doctor who is also a terrific writer.

For a good, personal, up-close picture of this segment of the U.S. health-care system (if by “system” you mean “the deplorable situation we’ve gotten ourselves into”), I’d say a few hours reading these posts would be hard to beat.

The blog isn’t a comedy routine, by any means (I suppose this is one of those situations where the term “deadly serious” could sometimes be literally true), but this post, about a rough start to a hospital day in the place she calls Rural, California, had me both cringing and cracking up.


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  1. My experiences of our own NHS hospitals recently (looking after my parents on brief stays) shows we are getting perilously close to the situation descibed in Hospitalist’s blog.

    The sad fact is that no amount of chucking money at it will do the trick.

    People are getting older and people are getting more obese; both at an alarming rate. Most health care costs are incurred by these two groups and that fact combined with the ever increasing admissions due to alcohol abuse, the system doesn’t stand a chance.

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