Ugh! Big Lu I could have managed, but the addition of the stunning heat of this New England summer was too much for me to handle. Running ceased. Frustration, not limited in any way by drug or climate, took over.

I think I could have plodded, groaning and murmuring imprecations, through that 5K with B, but she got a little lazy herself, and was content with a short kids’ triathlon. Here she is in transition from bike to run. (The forgotten helmet is a nice touch.)

B with Helmet

But the weather has improved, we’re into some gorgeous fall-like days, and I’m hitting the roads again. A real groaner, a mere moaner, and, today, a decent, if plodding, effort. Of course, Lu has another whack at me in late October. But it’s my last shot, I think, and I hope I can put together a stretch of regular decent shuffles.

It’s not that I want to train for anything. It’s just that running makes me feel good. I love the wonderful rhythm of pressing hard over distance, when your breathing pattern, your arm swing and your leg turnover and foot-strike all get together and create that tight jazz groove.

So. Fingers crossed.

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