On Friday, I joined B, M, and P on about a 10-mile loop in Connecticut’s Northwest corner, mostly on the white-blazed Appalachian Trail, but also on one of Connecticut’s blue trails, this one wonderfully named Paradise Lane. We had our lunch atop this huge dry-stone monument on Bear Mountain, highest peak in the state at somewhere between 2,316 and 2,354 ft., depending on your source. (Here’s an embarrasingly unsavory and parasitic Nutmeg State oddity: our highest peak isn’t our highest point. That is 2,379 ft., on the shoulder of Mount Frissell, the peak of which is in Massachusetts [Well, at least it’s not in New York.].)

P and M have done the C2C and other great walks in the UK, Europe, and here. B and I realized on the drive up to the trailhead that the last time he and I walked together in this area was over 30 years ago, a fact that’s pathetic in at least two ways, maybe more. I’m hoping we can all to a lot more of this sort of thing as a group.

The trees haven’t leafed out yet, but most of the route was classic New England woodland walking…

with a bit of ridgeline thrown in. Spectacular—and oddly unphotographed—views of a bucolic and especially beautiful part of our state, with easy views off to New York in the west and, yes, Massachusetts in the north. Coming off Bear Mountain, we descended a steep half-mile or so that gives a pretty good example of a characteristic New England trail, and of New England trail-building.

We covered 10 miles or so, with about 1,500 feet of ascent, then headed home for showers, more company, and pasta, where the wine flowed freely and the conversation was even better.

A great day.

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