Out of the mouths of babes

We made an impromptu trip last night from Concord to Hanover to watch the Dartmouth women play Princeton in basketball. There was a big men’s hockey game going on across the street, so the college laid on shuttle busses to the med school lot (last time I parked there: 1969, in a very-used, not very reliable Karmann-Ghia convertible that always seemed to be buried in snowdrifts). After the game (league-leading Princeton won, but our girls kept it close), we all hopped on the coach and were dropped off near our car. To get out of town, we had to retrace our route, and I soon pointed out to sweet B that there, picking up another load of fans, was the very same bus that had driven us out to the parking lot. Her comment: “That was very kind of them.” She knocks me out. But you knew that.

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