On the roads

Sweet running weather this morning. Cool, with a lovely mist gentling down. I’m still staggering unsmoothly along, but I’m out there, and beginning to feel a little more comfortable. Mornings like this really help.

I’ve been asked by a friend involved with the admirable local scholarship fund to supply a photo of myself running to be used on a poster or in a mailer—I’m not sure which—to encourage others to participate this fall in a fund-raising road race. I can’t imagine that either my anti-matter personal magnetism or the image of me pudgily rumbling along will be of much help, but, yes, of course they can use one of these if they like. Naturally, they chose one in which I am, as my friend described it, “sucking wind.” Guaranteed, I think, to have opposite the desired effect. The universal natural reaction will be roughly, “Oh, Yuk!” I may have to increase my donation this year.

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